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 You must be the center of attention

When wearing jewelry, you must be the center of attention at all times, not your jewelry. The whole point of wearing jewelry is to enhance your outfit and perhaps your confidence. Here are some mistakes you must stop doing so that you can look your best.

Don’t wear too much

You want your jewelry to look valuable and desirable, too much will break this whole illusion. None of your pieces will stand out if they’re all trying to desperately stand out at the same time. Too much of anything is never good, sadly this includes jewelry.

Loud Jewelry

Who would honestly want an armful of bracelets rattling as you walk. Or a bundle of necklaces clinking every time you turn your head.

Wrong size or weight.

Whatever jewelry you’re wearing should go with your clothes. Rather than wearing one big chain, you’d be better off wearing multiple thin necklaces. Also don’t wear pearls if you’re going to wear thick denim clothing. Your collar and necklace should also be coordinated. A choker will look great with a deeper neckline, whereas wearing a choker with a high neck shirt will just look crowded.

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